Best Business Ideas For 2018

Top Business Ideas for 2018

Are you thinking about breaking free from your job an launch your own business? Or are you just graduating and hate the idea of going into office life? Whatever the reason, we’ve detailed some great business ideas below that are hot topics for 2018!

Strike while the iron is hot with these ideas, it’s always great to have first mover advantage.

Idea 1) Drone Hire

Drones have been around a little while now but are now at the level where the technology is robust enough for them to be useful for many business purposes. Also, now most people are aware of what drones are but probably don’t know how to use one themselves and most people probably wont be in a position to invest in a high end drone that can cost £1k upwards.

Approximately 600,000 drones are expected to be used by 2018. Uses range from delivering packages, doing building surveys, sports photography. Uses for drones are growing and growing and there are predictions that the drone industry will reach £100billion by 2020.

As you can see from Google Trends analysis the searches for “Drone Hire” is really ramping up quickly

Idea 2) Vegan Takeaway

Food take away is one of the most popular business types to start and there’s always going to be demand in this area. However, one of the fastest growing food trends is veganism, in fact Just-Eat have predicted that veganism will be the biggest trend of 2018.

33% of Just Eat restaurants now offer vegan menu’s, however most of these aren’t dedicated Vegan restaurants. It would be very easy to create publicity and a buzz around a vegan take away. Recent surveys have shown there are around 540,000 vegans in the UK now and it’s growing at a rapid rate so it’s a very large niche market that is only going to get bigger. Also, 42 percent of all vegans are in the 15-34 age range which tend to be the target markets for take aways.

The stats below from Google Trends show how searches for vegan takeaways are increasing at a rapid rate.

Idea 3) Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one of the hottest topics for businesses now and will continue to be in the foreseeable future. There are so many areas within this market and there’s a huge amount of resources being invested by companies in this area.

So what is cyber security? Cyber security comprises technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyber attacks.

This isn’t an area that you can go into with no experience but there is a huge skills shortage in this area so ways of getting involved could be to qualify yourself in a certain area and then set yourself up as a freelancer/consultancy.

Or you could look to set up a reseller of security software or build up a network of cyber security consultants and look to sell their skills into companies.

The below chart from Google Trends shows the steady increase in searches for cyber security.

Idea 4) Beard Oil

It looks as though beards are more than just a passing fad and will be here to stay which means there’s money to be made helping men groom them.

Beard oil industry has currently grown to $6 billion globally which is huge and there’s lots of examples of companies having great success in this area. According to the stats around 35% of men in the UK have beards now, up from 15% in 2012 and on top of this the men’s toiletries industry is going through huge growth.

There’s examples of beard care brands starting out on eBay such as Mo’s Bro’s and being hugely successful so there’s no real barriers to entry. The other option would be to source products from the US or other countries that aren’t currently available in the UK and then sell those via eBay, Amazon or your own website.

This is also the kind of product that will get a lot of repeat business allowing you to get some real brand loyalty and also open the potential to build up a subscription based business.

This kind of business would benefit from a strong social media presence, particularly Instagram and YouTube where you could have lots of cool pics and “how to” type video’s for how to groom a beard.

Google Trends stats for “Beard Oil”

Idea 5) Smart Home Installation

The Smart Home also known as the Connected Home, uses apps and gadgets to control the devices in your home. Most people now have heard of Amazon Alexa but there’s many other types of Smart Home application like Philips Hue lights, Ring doorbells, Nest heating systems.

There’s huge growth to come in this area as the technology becomes cheaper and more advanced and we’re probably only at the beginning of the upward curve.

As not everyone is particularly savvy when it comes to technology and installing full home installation is no mean feat there is an opportunity to set up a firm that installs smart home technology into peoples homes and commercial property. Barriers to entry will be low and it’s just a cast of learning about the different technologies out there and have a bit of basic DIY and Electrical knowledge.

Google Trends stats for “Smart Homes”

Idea 6) Subscription Box Business

The US has experienced a boom in the subscription box industry with everything from shaving equipment to clothes, food and cosmetics being delivered monthly/weekly direct to consumers.

The great thing about this business is the repeat business that you get so you can really grow the business over time. Also, the UK is at the beginning of the growth curve, there’s lots of scope to open a business in this area.

Barriers to entry are low, all you need is to decide on what your box will be about, build up a prototype and get some great pics and then build a website. There’s also platforms out there like Cratejoy where you can set up a shop on their platform and get traffic right away.

There’s plenty of opportunity for first mover advantage in this business, just take a look at what’s going on in the US that isn’t over in the UK yet and then see if you can source the products and gauge whether there would be demand here.

Google Trends stats for “Subscription Box”

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